At Mini-Entrepôts Sauvegarde, we offer exterior storage solutions tailored to your personal or commercial needs. Our storage spaces are first class and are protected by a 24/7 surveillance system.

At Mini-Entrepôts Sauvegarde, our storage spaces are available in a wide array of sizes to satisfy our clients diverse requirements.

Prices as low as $60/month!

5 x 10 (Approx. 50 sq. ft.)

10 x 10 (Approx. 100 sq. ft.)

10 x 13 (Approx. 130 sq. ft.)

100 to 150 square feet: 2 or 3 bedroom apartment/house (4 household appliances and boxes)

200 to 400 square feet:  4 bedroom apartment/house (4 household appliances and boxes)

400+ square feet: 5 bedroom house/apartment, office, etc.

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